Squalor to Scholar

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“I’ll make them leaders here–not great leaders, the greatest.”
–Sister Pushpa, Principal of the Carmel Convent School

The mission of the Squalor to Scholar Program is to provide at-risk slum children exhibiting high potential with educational opportunities beyond their wildest dreams. As Sister Pushpa suggests, we aren’t interested in mediocrity.

Most of the children receiving our support were on a predestined path toward young marriages, lifelong illiteracy, and lives spent toiling in the urban slums of Northern India. With your donations, our organization, and the work of many sisters, teachers, and volunteers, they will now have the opportunity to become doctors, engineers, world leaders, or anything else they strive to achieve.

Knowledge is the most important and transformative gift you can give to a child here. It will not only revolutionize their entire lives, but the lives of their families, neighbors, and communities for generations to come. Education, especially of frequently overlooked females, is the only solution to this endless cycle of poverty and illiteracy.

With your help, who will these precious and precocious children become? Where will they go? What will they do? What if they don’t just become great leaders, but the greatest?

This is not your typical charitable opportunity! Except for transaction fees, every single penny of your donations will go toward the education of these children. There are no administration costs or salaries to pay. As an added bonus, you can watch exactly where your money goes right here at https://johnschupbach.wordpress.com/

If you are interested in sponsoring an individual child throughout their academic careers or have any other questions or comments, please email: squalortoscholar@gmail.com

Please visit one of our donation links to see just how far your money can go.

Donate with WePay

If you would rather donate by check, we can accept those too! We have an account set up for the Squalor to Scholar Program at Bank of America.

Simply email us and we’ll send you directions of exactly what to do

On behalf of these amazing, inspirational children, thank you!

2 thoughts on “Squalor to Scholar

    • You certainly can! Thank you so much for asking! You can make checks payable to “Valley Presbyterian Church” with ” for Squalor to Scholar” in the note section and we will receive your donation. Thank you for your generous support of the church community and our causes. -John

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