This Week in Photos…

_Boy with Saw Blade–An extremely poor child from a hard-working family takes a break for chapatti–

_Pigs in Street

_Brick Women–Women transferring a load of bricks en route to a construction site–

_Brick Woman

_Working Men–Men taking a work break from their labor in a poorly-ventilated automobile part factory–

_Indian Sunset–A sunset is hardly visible on the horizon through the pollution–

_Dirty Park–A man comes out of a landfill/restroom/playground–

_Eye Reflection–My reflection in the eyes of a little girl–

_Slum Boy–A father asks for a picture to be taken of his son–

IMG_1897–Daulati suffering in a rickshaw on her way to find me–

_Daulati–Daulati after a trip to the hospital and modifying her medications–

_Daulati 2–Daulati after some new medication and better eating regimen–

_Daulati Dusk

_Daulati Dusk 2–Daulati and her family cook dinner as we bring them a week’s worth of fresh vegetables–

_Looking Over Daulati–Daulati’s neighbors look over–

_Himansu–Himansu and his mother attend a meeting about how we intend to help–

_Mother's Meeting 2

_John at Mother's Meeting

_Mother's Meeting

_Rajpath Delhi Balloons–A balloon salesman crosses Rajpath in New Delhi…with the President of India’s home in the background–

_Motorcycle Salesman–A motorcycle salesman tries to sell his goods in the slum–

_Kajal in Store–Kajal, our student, stands in her family’s small store they made in the slum–

_Sadna in Bucket–Sadna, one of our newest students, bathes in a bucket–

_Near Eco School–Visiting Khushboo’s home–

_Raj Nandani and Sonal–Visiting Sonal’s home–


Sponsors, Meet Your Students…

…Attention Sponsors! You should have received an email in the past 24 hours with instructions on how to schedule a video conference with your student. If you have not received this email, please let us know as soon as possible at

I will be offering this unique opportunity as a token of our gratitude through March 31st. If you are not able to schedule a time, don’t worry. I’m hard at work compiling all sorts of media to upload for you when I get home.

None of this would be possible without you. Thank you so much for your generosity and love.

_Facetime in an Alley–Video conferencing in January (Thanks for the photos Caitlin Rulien!)–

_Facetime with Mithlesh and Friends