Top Shots: Day-to-Day Life…

…Over the past three weeks, we’ve registered and vetted more than 150 children and their families, visited and evaluated 13 local schools, conducted a half dozen women empowerment seminars, organized and enabled an upcoming surgery for Prianka, prepared our students for their first final exams, and tried to win a $5,000 voting competition at (which we are unfortunately currently losing by about 400 votes…please help!).

Here are some of my favorite photographs from the past few days:

_Salutes at Government School–Students at a government school salute me upon entry to their classroom

_Sister Jaya Mary in Hallway–Sister Jaya Mary gives me a tour of St. Joseph’s Convent School’s new wing for 11th and 12th standards

_In line for KG–Kindergarten students at the Carmel Convent School line up for morning assembly

JCS_8410–A little boy shows us his ability to write the alphabet and numbers 1-10

JCS_8253–Mira, Bethea, and Faith register, evaluate, and photograph applicants

JCS_8181–Smoke from constantly burning rubbish engulfs the slum (It’s good for the lungs!)

_Ankit in Ajeets Home–Ankit ensures that I take a moment of rest and enjoy a cold soda that Ajeet’s family bought me

_Chalk Flying–Instructions are written in Hindi with chalk on a wooden door in the slum. We rely on scattered literate parents to convey these messages by word of mouth. We can reach about 60% of the slum’s residents in 24 hours this way.

_Mother Reading List–A mother looks for her son’s name on a newly posted list of accepted students. He wasn’t on the list.

_Annoucing List–A local social worker, Ranjan, reads a list of selected children to a group of illiterate mothers and grandmothers.

_Able Charity School Reading List–A slum school teacher announces the same list

_Priti–Priti unfortunately had to be left behind

_Kanchan with Mom–Kanchan’s mother has had trouble sleeping all week waiting for our final decisions. Fortunately for her, Kanchan was accepted!

_Mom with Polio–Himanshu entering the Carmel Convent School for the first time with his mother, Sunita, who suffers from the effects of polio

_Mothers Waiting–Mothers and their children listen intently to instructions from Mamta and the Sisters

_Arti Evaluated by Sister Pushpa–Arti, who now has a glass eye after suffering from eye cancer, is evaluated by Sister Pushpa

_Announcing Plans–Mothers and children listen to plans and expectations

_Tailoring–Tailors measuring the last of our 86 Carmel Convent School students

_Sindu Cooking–Sindu, age 9, cooking a meal for her family

_Sindu Close Up–Sindu on her way home after a final exam

_Bucket Shower–A boy bathing under cold water from a bucket

_Ajeet Cricket–Ajeet has never taken cricket lessons…but look at his eye-hand coordination!

_Girls Graduation–Girls attend their “Farewell,” the equivalent of our graduation, at a large government school

_Microphone–A microphone and hundreds of young women await one of my speeches about the importance of higher and vocational education

_Frog Race–Students take part in a frog race on a school holiday

_Akanksha–Akanksha, our student being promoted to upper kindergarten this year, enjoying a game with her friends

photo (11)–Prianka had a large abscess drained from her face this week. She is being treated with antibiotics. She will go home while her treatment continues and return to Delhi in 4 weeks for another surgery to remove residual tumor shown on a recent CT scan. Thanks Mom and Dad for funding Prianka’s care!

_John with Sisters–Me with Sisters Jennifer and Jaya Mary

We’re working hard here…very hard. Please don’t forget to vote at and have your friends and family vote too. If each person reading this blog voted, we would win!

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