48 Hours to Lift Off…

…Dear friends, family, and readers around the world, it’s time to pack your mental suitcases. The return to India that you have all been waiting for is about to arrive. In 48 hours, we’ll be lifting away from American soil for the last time as I set out on yet another mission to India.

Over the next three months, I will be taking you with me nearly every day as I reunite with the children, families, Sisters, and doctors that we said “goodbye” to seven months ago. We will check on their progress, learn about how we can improve our impact, and begin to expand Squalor to Scholar and lay the groundwork for future and lifelong success. We will also see our precious patients and meet with some of them for the first time since their life-changing surgeries.

We will undoubtedly witness victories and tragedies, births and deaths, successes and failures. However, I will strive to uphold what I see as my duty: to recount to the best of my ability the emotional, educational, and distinctly human experience that is India.

We will travel from the disease and despair of the slums to the groundbreaking and inspirational progress of some of the best schools, universities, and hospitals in the world. I will also be hosting multiple live events during which people around the world will be able to log in and meet our students and patients in the slums, face-to-face via live teleconference.

If you’re just joining us or need to refresh your memory, here’s a video to explain just a small fraction of what has happened since this blog was started only 13 months ago (although nothing can replace going back and reading the previous 105 posts for yourself).

Please spread the word about this blog to your friends and family. I know the URL is long and difficult to remember. Heck, even I have trouble spelling it. But jot it down and spread it around. Someone might be glad that you did.

We have a lot to accomplish over the next three months but a lot more knowledge and experience behind us now. I have high expectations for this journey, although, once again, I don’t really know what to expect.

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