Top Shots of Week One…

…I have never been anywhere else in the world where the people are so universally photogenic and surroundings so bright, colorful, and unique. The striking residents here do not beg for money or possessions, but just that I take their photos. It is as if they want me to see them again and remember them forever. Over the past week, I have taken 1,661 photographs, mostly of people. Although I wish I could, there is no way for me to blog about or explain all of them. Therefore, I am occasionally going to upload a “Top Shots” post like this to give you a taste of general life as a foreigner working in the slums of India. Here is my small selection from week one:


_Rani's Sister and Friend
–Rani’s sister Rupa and her friend Dolly–

_Cow and Cow Pies
–A cow and cow pies–

_Roshan Mother and Sister
–Roshan’s Mother and Sister–

–Hitching a ride home on a tractor–

Lonely Child

–The shutters are often firing in both directions–

Well Worn and Happy Man

Manisha's Brothers
–Manisha’s brother, Akash, with a local toddler–

_Gambling in the Slum
–Gambling on the edge of the slum–

_Grazing Cattle
–Grazing cattle…perhaps there are alternative reasons why nobody eats beef here–

–Gudiya running home from school–

_Torn Up Alley

_Auto from the Back Seat
–Riding in an auto-rickshaw–

_Burning Door

Female Portrait

_Slum Goat



4 thoughts on “Top Shots of Week One…

  1. You have truly been an inspiration to me. Stunning photos and the work/good you are doing is immeasurable. I will return to Faridabad and the slums again in late September for 2 mths, will you still be there? I would love to meet.

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