5283 miles down…4,175 to go…

…I just arrived safely and comfortably in London after a 10-hour overnight flight from Phoenix. We were just served breakfast on the plane before we landed and yet the sun is already setting as I await my next overnight flight direct to Delhi. When the sun rises in the morning, I’ll be over Afghanistan.

My last supper before boarding the plane yesterday was a delicious, juicy hamburger with a side of Caesar salad from Houston’s. I will not see beef, salad, or ice water again for the next three months.


Mom and Dad then took me to the airport to send me off, just like before. Their love is unwavering and I am so blessed to have them. As a 25-year-old man living at home, I should probably love saying goodbye. However, we are certainly not like most families and I will miss them dearly.


This is the exact same route I took 422 days ago. However, this time, the emotions are quite different. When I boarded this flight before, I felt like I was travelling to the edge of the Earth. I was full of uncertainty, doubt, and questions. Today, I feel like I am headed to another home, to another family, and to hundreds of people who are almost as excited to see me as I am excited to see them.


London to Delhi Halfway

I’m writing here watching the sun set. I’m about to have a glorious last latte from Starbucks as I watch the planes line up for landing in the distance while I listen to their pilots talk to air traffic control on my iPhone.

In 2012, people visited this blog from 106 countries! I’m glad to have you all along with me in 2013.

January 2013 Blog Map

Look out New Delhi, here we come!