Christmas Gift Ideas…

Christmas is only one week from today and I’m guessing you haven’t finished your shopping. I have two perfect ways to help you while helping others!

If you’re looking to send material gifts, click this link to Amazon and buy your presents here (for yourself or someone else). Up to 10% of every purchase you make after clicking this link will be donated straight to Squalor to Scholar! Best of all, this works ALL THE TIME, FOR ANY PURCHASE ON AMAZON! Therefore, if you really like our work in India and want to support our students from the slums, bookmark this page and click this link to Amazon whenever you buy your electronics, books, sporting goods, computers, Cheetos, shoes, toothbrushes, or whatever else you buy on Amazon.

If you’re out of ideas, consider giving the perfect gift: A Donation to Squalor to Scholar! We will send a special e-card to someone you love telling him/her that you have made a donation in his/her honor (Please make sure you give us the name and email address where we should send it).

Donation Card Front

Donation Card Text

Donation Card Back

Thank you for your continued support! If you sponsored a child earlier this year, you should be receiving a very special gift and formal thank you within the next few weeks.

Don’t forget to buy everything through this link to Amazon so our students can continue to thrive!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at Squalor to Scholar!