Race Against Time…

…I sincerely apologize that posts have been delayed recently. With only three weeks remaining in India, I am now in a race against time to ensure that our students have the best opportunities in place to maximize their success and arrange operations for as many deserving children as we can. Without giving away too much too soon, I want to give you a preview of some pictures and stories to expect in coming weeks.

After only eight weeks in school, our 18 students from the local slum are surpassing even my own optimistic expectations. In February, they could hardly write their ABC’s and had never attended a day of school in their lives. Today, they are reading with moderate fluency, writing with better cursive than my own, and showing potential to rapidly become some of the best students in their classes.

These children, their parents, and this entire slum community of 25,000 people are extraordinarily proud of our students and grateful for your continued donations and support. Without you, these students would have likely never set foot inside any school, not to mention the best private school in town.

What began as a small endeavor to help Manish find a cure for his disfiguring case of infantile hemangioma has now turned into a full-fledged medical support network. We no longer have to search for children to help. They are coming to us from as far away as Bihar, a state 600 miles away.

I have so many meaningful experiences to share with you now that I would hate to spoil them by rushing to get posts out the door. On behalf of our enthusiastic students, trusting patients, and dedicated volunteers, thank you for your patience and continued benevolent support. None of this would be possible without you.

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