Ankit: Spreading Smiles…

…It isn’t every day that a student in her 20’s takes the opportunity to bestow an entire education on a stranger. However, that is just what Alexis Graham of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan has done. As the twin sister of volunteer Crystal Graham, Alexis has been moved by her sibling’s descriptions about and experiences with life in the slum. As Alexis sets out on her own career as a dentist, she has made a commitment to Ankit that will transform his existence. Thanks to Alexis’s generosity, Ankit Kumar will study at the Carmel Convent School in Faridabad, India for not just one year, two years, or even nine years, but until the day he graduates from high school!

As a dentist, Alexis should particularly enjoy Ankit’s hilarious smiles and expressions. Although he is our smallest student, he has a larger-than-life personality. He loves the spotlight. When asked to recite anything in front of the classroom, he usually proceeds with deafening vitality.

–Behind Ankit as he took to the stage in our slum school in January–

Ankit’s fearless and outgoing demeanor gives him unique leadership strengths. I will not be surprised if he becomes a powerful leader and voice both within and for his community.

–Ankit leading the way–

–Volunteer Crystal Graham towering over Ankit and his mother, Rekha and father, Ravi–

Alexis and Ankit’s relationship is marked by many opposites. Ankit started school just as Alexis finished her studies and took her board exams to become a licensed dentist. As Alexis proudly exits academia with professional credentials, Ankit proudly enters the other side with tireless determination and excitement.

Ankit and Alexis are separated by multiple oceans and 178 degrees of longitude. However, they have become united together in a way that will change both of their lives. As Alexis goes to bed each night, Ankit will be waking up and dressing in the uniform she bought him. As her eyes close, his will be opened to a world that he otherwise would have never known exists.

Although I cannot guarantee what other people do, my goal is to keep each of our sponsors and students connected. For the next ten or more years, Alexis will receive updates about and photos of Ankit as he grows, learns, and matures. Alexis will have the satisfaction of knowing exactly whom she is helping and to what extent. On the other hand, Ankit will be forever grateful and appreciative of Alexis’s compassion. On behalf of Ankit and his family, thank you Alexis for the many happy smiles.

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