…Ajeet is powered by a 500 megawatt nuclear reactor. He approaches every task with 110% commitment and stupendous enthusiasm. He loves his shorts high and his belt tight. His hair is always perfect. He is the ideal match for his new sponsor and my esteemed mentor, friend, and fellow ThurtenE Honorary alumnus from St. Louis, Missouri, Brian Fiedler (nickname Chops). Thanks to Brian’s generosity, Ajeet is now directing his indefatigable brain toward the Carmel Convent School for the next semester.

–Ajeet getting ready for his first day of school–

I cannot write this post without smiling and laughing just thinking about Ajeet’s excitement for everything. When I ask him a question, I can practically see his brain processing as his huge brown eyes seem to rapidly search the room for an answer. When he answers correctly, he jumps up and down in anticipation of the next question.

–Ajeet studying hard for his first day of school–

–Ajeet testing the laws of physics and the limits of the Carmel Convent School swing set–

Ajeet never says no and performs every task to the max. Although he is excellent at every subject, his favorite is undeniably recess. If he’s on a swing, he looks like he’s trying to go inverted. When he’s spinning the merry-go-round, I secretly hope that the bearings don’t fail.

–On our way to buy shoes in the tuk-tuk two weeks ago–

–Ajeet playing his first game of basketball, barefoot–

–Ajeet with his mother, Ranju–

Ajeet is 7 years old. His older brother, Sandeep, is 10 years old and had to have a massive abdominal surgery as a toddler. Their entire family was devastated by the expense of Sandeep’s healthcare (which to us seems amazingly inexpensive). Ashok, Ajeet’s father, works on a daily basis as a mason.

–Ajeet in his new classroom–

–Future world leader–

–Ajeet with Golu and Prianka before they had their own Carmel Convent School uniforms–

–After school, Ajeet runs home to clean his socks and uniform for the next day!–

Chops, this opportunity means everything to Ajeet. He was custom-made to wear this custom-tailored uniform. The shoes you bought him might as well have wings. There is no doubt in my mind that Ajeet could one day become a formidable athlete, world leader, and the sole source of electricity for an entire city. On behalf of Ajeet, his mother Ranju, his father Ashok, and his brother Sandeep, thank you for providing focus for this bright beam of light and energy.

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