…Next, I must thank Kathy Allard of Belmont, California and mother of volunteer Natalie Wills for her generous semester sponsorship of Prianka!

Prianka, age 8, is the second youngest of five children and one of our brightest and most disciplined students. She has three brothers and one sister. Although her family does have comprehension about the importance of education, she would never have the ability to receive the education she deserves without our help.

Prianka’s mother, Seema, is one of the most enthusiastic parents about our project. She understands what a life-changing blessing this is for her daughter. Furthermore, Seema serves as a motherly figure for much of the community. During our meeting on Sunday, Seema knew the birthdays of many of our students even when their own parents couldn’t recall the dates. Needless to say, she is quickly becoming a valuable resource for us as well.

Prianka is one of the only children we have met in the slums who has any concept of goals. She says that, if she could be anything in the world, she would be a doctor. Three weeks ago, her chances of being able to attend medical school some day were close to zero. Today, thanks to Kathy’s contribution and those that follow, Prianka may be operating on us in 20 years.

Thank you Kathy for giving knowledge and opportunity to this bubbly and astute little girl. I’m sure she and her mother cannot wait to meet you on Skype!

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