…I wish to take this opportunity to thank Pamela Cox, of Tupelo, Mississippi, for being the first donor to sponsor a child for an entire year.

Pamela’s generous contribution will sponsor Manisha’s education at the Carmel Convent School for the next 12 months! This donation will pay for Manisha’s school fees, books, multiple uniforms, shoes, supplies, tutoring, and safety during her walk to and from school.

Manisha does not know Pamela yet, but she will. During the next two months, Pamela will have the chance to Skype with Manisha (and perhaps her family too, if they are not at work) with translators present to facilitate easy conversation. In a few years, a translator will not be necessary. Manisha will be able to have a fluent conversation with Pamela on her own.

Manisha is the fifth and youngest child of Moni and Ramesh. She has two older sisters who are married and two uneducated older brothers (ages 12 and 6) who live with their grandparents. Both Moni and Ramesh are illiterate and work in nearby factories. They have thought about sending Manisha to a government school, but it seems unlikely she will ever attend any formal school. You may remember a previous post in which I noted that Manisha started to make chai tea when we visited her tiny, dark, and spartan home last week. At only eight years old, Manisha is the primary caretaker of her tiny home and shows remarkable maturity and respect for her age. Moni and Ramesh are incredibly excited about this new opportunity and have vowed to support Manisha every way that they can.

Manisha was born at home and therefore does not have a birth certificate. Multiple individuals, including her parents, will be volunteering a large amount of time and energy to acquire proper documentation for Manisha.

Manisha is a precious young girl with the heart of a lion and work ethic of an ox. Pamela, you have given Manisha an opportunity that she and her family will never forget. On their behalf, thank you!

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