Singing in the Sunshine…

…I eagerly returned to mass with the sisters this morning. I took with me the three new volunteers who arrived last Sunday night. We sat right behind the sisters. The sermon and hymns were scheduled to be in Hindi today. However, the priest and choir switched some parts of the service to English so that we could participate. It was a sweet gesture.

One of the English hymns they chose to sing, called “Here I Am Lord,” was particularly gripping.

However, my favorite hymn so far is one from last week. I can’t seem to find a recording of it, but these are the lyrics:

Walking with the Lord,
We are walking in the morning,
Lift up your hearts,
For you are walking with God.
Singing to the Lord,
We are singing in the sunshine,
Lift up our hearts,
For you are singing to God.

Hand in hand with everyone,
We’re walking, walking,
Black and white and brown,
Together, walking, walking,
Singing new songs now,
Living new lives,
Building new bridges,
Walking distanct miles,
Well we’re walking with the Lord….

Rain and storm will not prevent us,
Walking, walking,
Faith and hope and love,
Will send us walking, walking.
Crossing all barriers,
Climbing all stiles,
Breaking through fences,
Walking distant miles,
Well we’re walking with the Lord….

Taking into account all of the current circumstances, I seems like a perfect soundtrack for the month. If anyone has heard it before, please chime in! I have had it stuck in my head all week.

–Heather (Nova Scotia), Crystal (Saskatchewan), Natalie (California), and I with the priest–

Once again, I met with nearly the entire congregation. We took pictures with the priest and some of the exceptionally welcoming parish members. We went home, changed, and headed out to the slum for our meeting with the parents.

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