Open-Air Slum School…

…This morning, we had the opportunity to visit another slum school only a few hundred meters down the canal from where we normally volunteer. Although it was outside, this classroom had the advantage of desks, better lighting and ventilation (courtesy of nature), and a chalkboard that could be easily read by the entire class at once.

Two American volunteers were assisting the teacher here and were teaching the students how to make origami. The kids were eager to show us their progress.

After an hour helping in the new school, we walked through the slum back to where we usually teach.

The morning class at our school was being taught by two French volunteers who had the kids overwhelmingly excited about “head, shoulders, knees, and toes” and “no more monkeys jumping on the bed.” As always, I was greeted by name and with salutes from around the room and even on the streets.

After class, we jumped rope with the kids (they love it when we join in) and had chai tea in the teacher’s home just around the corner from the school.

After chai, we went home for lunch before returning to finish a “Healthy Eating” mural that we had started yesterday.

–Residents of the slum trying to staying warm while we walked home–