…Today, I saw my second Bollywood film, Don 2, which is a huge hit here in India. It stars Shahrukh Khan, India’s most prized and famous actor, who plays an international gangster that lives and takes on enemies like an Indian James Bond. The cinematography, music, and effects were just as good as a Hollywood blockbuster. However, I cannot comment on the acting as 98% of the movie was in Hindi. About every five minutes, there is a token English phrase thrown in. To be honest, I don’t really know why.

The movie experience here is highly cherished. A new hit movie comes out every week or two and everyone asks and talks about it. For only Rs 100 ($2), viewers get a huge theater with full food and beverage service and seats that slide forward as they lean back (making them extra comfortable).

However, even the movies here are deafening. Luckily, having been prepared for long tuk-tuk rides surrounded by blaring horns, I had my earplugs with me. My friends laughed at first but were jealous by the end. We left at intermission, which was an hour and twenty minutes into the movie!

–An Indian batting cage…for cricket!–

–Dinner and a movie the right way–

If you’re reading Liliana, I thought of you calling me a philistine.

In case you were wondering, I am indeed receiving mail! I have received two Christmas cards recently that took 15 days to get here. Thanks for thinking of me! Merry Christmas to you too! Love you all.

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