…Last night, I had my first meal of meat (Okay, it wasn’t exactly my first; I couldn’t resist a couple of stops at McDonald’s last weekend in Delhi). It was delicious but took a toll on all of our stomachs.

Before dinner, we observed the surgical removal of a kidney stone. What was most fascinating was that the surgeon and his three assistants brought all of their equipment with them in suitcases. They came in with everything they needed except for the monitor and operating table.

After the surgery, we took a tuk-tuk to a Muslim restaurant called Karims in one of the big shopping complexes several kilometers away. I had a dish of mutton called Firdausi Qorma (aka Roghan Josh) that is a Mughlai recipe. We also had nan and Qeema (a minced mutton dish) and my friend ordered Boneless Butter Chicken, which was by far my favorite. We also had tandori chicken today from a vendor in the Sector 7 market which was even better. I’m slowly gaining courage to eat food not prepared here at the house (which is all vegetarian due to strict Hindi religious practices here). Of course, I only drink and brush my teeth with bottled water that I inspect upon purchase. I also only eat foods that are served very hot, are in sealed packages, or bananas. I do not eat raw fruits or vegetables, anything with water that hasn’t boiled, or anything served cold. I have already seen two patients with Typhoid Fever (but don’t worry, I have been vaccinated for it).


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